Thursday, May 2, 2013



Lets start by reminding that
RAC = Remix Artist Collective!
RAC is André, Andrew & Karl.
RAC's remixes always been on my top music's list for many reasons, when I start listening to they're music I start thinking about many things, amazing thoughts ride over my head and I get this amazing feeling to start writing what I hear, sometimes I start dancing all over with no thinking on what I'm doing, it's all because the touches that RAC add.

RAC create a new meaning of the word MUSIC, RAC defined Music as a meaning of life.

I know what music means for many people and I'm sure it means a lot, because music teaches you something, it's like a story, a 5 minutes story, so, RAC add they're own ideas from beats and music effects on song and create a totally new songs that many people would call RAC's.

RAC thinks that no matter how old are you and no matter what you've done yesterday, today or what will you do next as long as you can dance then your alright.

Stress? All of us have our own lives and all of us get so much stressed every single day and the perfect solution of how to get ride of stress is listening to music and for a classy music, there is RAC!!

I've been stalking RAC's music from almost 9 months and I've been trying to describe it the way it deserves but actually couldn't really give a fast describe of it, not until today, well, I can tell you that:
RAC's music is deeper than it looks like, it's not like any other, I think that André is trying to get into the person's deep feelings and move them and push the people to dance, forget whatever happened yesterday and let's start over, it's a classy thing, it's so clear deep down his Remixes (music).

RAC, deserves to be on the top lists artistes of all the time, it's very clear when you turn on ANY of the Remixes by RAC, you can see how different it is from the original single and way better than the original one, it's not easy making Remixes and add effects like RAC do and the hard work falls on making music that touches the person's feelings!

RAC make remixes of many kinds of music, funny kind of music, dancing music, quite music, crazy music and classy one!

RAC is now making a Remix of Bob Marley's song Could You Be Loved, witch is a very clear prove on what RAC is trying to do for us, RAC is saying something but not on text, not on speech it's on the Radio, via Music.

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This Text is Written by: Akiro Skullfield
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