Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Hello everybody! I'm Akiro Skullfield, today I'm gonna talk about Adam Lambert's music and how it control's on people, his voice, lyrics and the way he sings.
First lets remind ourselves and say, that the singers control on their fans, Adam doing the same, singers can change their fans, their fan's lives, even their morals etc.
Adam Lambert most the time sings sad songs, about life, he never say fu*king, sh*t, b*tch, motherfu*ker etc. that's actually amazing, I mean, look at his fans, they don't call each others any of these words, only some. But look at other singers, I won't name anyone, but there is a female singer that she always take naked photos of her and sing all about sex and etc. Look at her fans, most of them are rude.
Adam Lambert's music gives hope for you when you listen to his music, most of his songs are sad but at the end of each song there is still hope you and tells you that you can move on your past and forget what happened and you can do what you want. Go checkout Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes and Adam Lambert - Better Than I know Myself. Those are only examples, not all. There are so many more, cool songs, sad and talk about hope !! But also, Adam performs happy ( dance music ) like For Your Entertamint, Down The Rabbit Hole and Fever. Again, those are only examples not all.
Adam's first subject is about love, then life etc.
Adam sometimes say some sexual words in his songs lyrics and I haven't notice that only in one song that called " Fever " that got wrote by Lady Gaga !
Adam is getting more fans everyday and that's because he's getting more better than ever, even thought he didn't won on American Ido Session 8 for 2009 but he's very talented man, tones of his fans are using his photos all over their profiles on the Internet and that's because he's externally hot and pretty !!
He has that very special voice, he controls on feelings when he gets on the stage, you feel that he's the best.
Adam Lambert should be the best singer of all the time, he deserves the best.
Thanks for reading.

Wrote by: Akiro Skullfield

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