Thursday, May 2, 2013


DJ BL3ND's Music

Hello People Of Earth.

I have knew DJ BL3ND from 2011 as I can remember and he's one of my top DJ's of all the time. DJ BL3ND'a music leads you to the Glory of your day.
Most of his remises are about
Getting crazy, dancing crazy, doing crazy stuff, being happy, to see yourself as an important person and not the rest of the people.
His Music ( remises ) are a mixture of a small part of a lot of songs + some sounds and effects he add.
He's focusing on the hard core level of music. What is the hard core level of music? It's a high class music, it used in the clubs for dancing and getting crazy.
When DJ BL3ND's music is on. It control's over your emotions. Helps you to forget your worries ( that's a very helpful thing that helps us to live happier ) tells you and teaches you to be strong by not caring that much about the people who don't care about you ( that's a very good part to use in the music ) but also teaches you to love.
DJ BL3ND's music actually is a crazy music in a positive way. I recommend people who don't have personalities or don't have a strong personalities to listen to DJ BL3ND's remises and of course DJ BL3ND talk about love in his music.
When I listen to DJ BL3ND's music I know that I'm listing to a story, his music are actually about a story but a new kind of stories. He puts and Remix a deferent songs from a deferent artists but all those songs are related to each other in a same subject. As I said his music is about a high class story. Like a mystery or something like that.
I recommend you to listen his music when you get any issue in your life and that issue breaks you mood and makes you worried about it all the day and so on... So what DJ BL3ND's Music does is it takes your worries, puts you in a world full with high class music, destroying your worries, gives you hope, help and so much more.
You know sometimes all you need to fix a problem is to listen to the right track, sometimes all you need to fix a problem is to get ride of your worries.
I think that DJ BL3ND can get ride of your worries.

Stress that's a huge problem we all get stressed because of life issues and if your that kind who listens to high level music to get ride of his stress then I recommend you to listen to DJ BL3ND's music and try it out cause I think that his music is able to take out your stress.
If your younger than 17 and you can't go to clubs to listen to crazy music and dance like crazy I think that you should try to get some remixes of DJ BL3ND and turn the sound level up and dance cause I'm sure it will take over you and make your body dance.
You don't have to leave your house to get DJ BL3ND's music you can simply download them from YouTube for free and some free music on his official website. or simply from SoundCloud or even from the iTunes. You got a lot of ways to buy + download for free his music. I'm sure that if you like high level music I'm sure that DJ BL3ND is what you need.

Thanks for reading,
By Akiro Skullfield

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