Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dikta 2012

Dikta is actually one of my favorite bands of all the time. They're from Island, but that doesn't matter cause they can make a good music. Actually not only good music, the best music and I wonder if they're great or the greatest? Of course they are the greatest.

I have been stalking their work for a long time and I'm actually impressed. I know a lot of singers/ bands and so on... But I focused more on Dikta... They always talk about not giving up, they always tells you to move on and fight back, they give you hope that you need to live your life...
Many times I was broken and I always listen to their music when I feel sad and they actually make me forget my pain and make me strong, their music gimme power...
You don't have to be sad to listen to Dikta, actually they made as I believe a song to every mood that your going throw in your life... I will give you examples but not all cause simply they have more and more than this to be written:

1. Your lost? Your sad? Listen to
Dikta - Lost In The Light ( Get It Together 2009 )

2. Your broken? People keep annoying you? Listen to
Dikta - What Are You Waiting For? ( Trust Me 2011 )

3. Your feeling thankful for something a friend maybe? Go listen to and give it to the person your thankful for...
Dikta - Thank you ( Get It Together 2009 )

4. You wanna say goodbye to someone or your just sad listen to or give this one to the person you want to say goodbye to
Dikta - Goodbye ( Get It Together 2009 )

5. Your so sad of you have someone just died go listen to
Dikta - A Day At The Opera ( Trust Me 2012 )

6. You want hope and same time a song about home? Listen to
Dikta - Home ( Trust Me 2011 )

7. As I always say " don't fall in love with other people, first, fall in love with yourself. " Go listen to
Dikta - In Love With Myself ( Trust Me 2011 )

8. For a very cool song, dancing song and a short story just go listen to
Dikta - Warnings ( Get It Together 2009 )

9. Your having Issue in live? you made someone cry? you feel so down? Do you want a sad story? Go listen to
Dikta - Hotel Feelings ( Get It Together 2009 )

10. A song that can give you power and hard music with a lovely lyrics stuck on it. Go listen to
Dikta - Let Go ( Get It Together 2009 )

Those are only some songs by Dikta... There is so much more, Dikta isn't one person and I bet even though I didn't meet anyone of them, I bet that they are all on the same page, they are wonderful, see? Take a moment listing to their music, any track by Dikta, any track, any track, any track, cause I'm sure 100 % that you will like it, cause simply I feel that there is no better than Dikta...

I'm not writing all this cause I have to, I actually don't have to write anything about anyone, but I'm doing it cause I feel that I want to do it, cause I feel like I want to say thank you to Dikta and everyone who helped this amazing band to make the best music in the world. I simply feel so thankful for Dikta for making the best music in the world and not only that. I want to say this with a bold headline. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME SEE AND THANK YOU FOR THE WORLD, YES!! THE WORLD CAUSE YOUR MUSIC IS THE WORLD FOR ME.

They released a new album on 2011 called " Trust Me " so make sure that you will check it out cause its simply one of my favorite albums for 2011-2012

My favorite albums by Dikta :

1. Get It Together ( 2009 )

1 . Warnings
2 . Thank You
3 . Hotel Feelings
4 . Final Call
5 . Let Go
6 . Start To Finish
7 . Blonde Brunette
8. GoodBye
9. The Story of Roscoe Gary
10. Just Getting Started
11. Lost In The Light
12. From Now On

2. Trust Me ( 2011 )

1. What Are You Waiting For?
2. In Spite Of Me
3. In Love With Myself
4. A Day At The Opera
5. Visitor
6. Cycles
7. Caution
8. Buy It For The Riot
9. David
10. Feature
11. Home

Please Note : I mentioned some songs up top I'd you read well, I also mentioned the album name + date release but that's not all what Dikta has, Dikta has more and more than this. They have albums released on 2000, 2003, 2005 I'm sorry if I said anything wrong, but I only said what's inside my heart for Dikta but keep on mind. I'm just human, human make mistakes and sorry if I said anything wrong.

By : Akiro Skullfield

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